Help Desk Request

Help Desk requests allow you to contact different departments within your organizations.
Through the admin panel of Runtime software, HR manager can view, approve or deny the requests submitted by the employees using Runtime Workman for common support. Usually, help desk requests are submitted by the employees when they have any requirement like a PC, keyboard, table, chair, etc. for the office work. For example, if an employee needs a new keyboard then he can submit a request through this help desk feature.

List Of Help Desk Requests

To view, the list of help desk requests under on Runtime admin Portal go to the Requests >Help desk.
Help desk requests list

Searching a request

To find a specific request, you can search by Employee Code or Request Id. In the next step to filter the requests by open requests and closed requests, click on the status. You also have the option to select how many requests should be shown on one page using the Page Size option at the top right of the page.
searching the request

Approve or Reject

To Approve or Reject any help desk request, click on the… button at end of the row and select the option ‘Mark Done'(see the below screenshot). There is also an option available to remove the request by simply selecting ‘Remove’.
Approve or reject
After clicking on Mark Done you need to submit a comment whether you want to approve or reject. For instance, submit ‘Approved’ to approve the request and click on the ‘Close’ button to close the request. The same Goes to Reject the request as submit the ‘Rejected’ comment and click on the ‘Close’ button.
request closed

Request closed

This is how you can check in closed requests that after approving or rejecting, the request will instantly be closed.
Checking the closed request