Runtime Workman

Runtime Workman is a mobile app for employees that facilitate over 30 functions on the go. Runtime Workman is available on both Android and iOS.
Employee Self Service made easy with Runtime Workman.
Using Runtime Workman, employees can carry out various tasks on mobile itself. This frees up HR capacity which can be used in more productive activities.
Runtime Workman can be downloaded for free from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Search for ‘Runtime Workman’ or visit these links from your mobile:
Logging In
For an employee to login and activate Runtime Workman on his/her mobile, the HR administrator need to send some login details. To do this, login into Runtime HRMS. Click on ‘Employees’ menu on left and search for the employee by typing in his/her name or employee code.
Search Employee
Click on ‘Edit’ to open employee record. Go to ‘Options’ Tab (Last tab)
Workman Setup
Click on ‘Send by SMS’ button highlighted above.
This will send an SMS to Employee’s mobile number with following information: 1. Company Id 2. Employee Code 3. Login PIN
Using these details, employees can activate Workman on their mobiles.
Before using Workman, setup Runtime Gatekeeper at the entry point of your office or factory. To learn more about setting up Runtime Gatekeeper, click here.